Jezioro Narie


One of the most beautiful and cleanest Polish lakes. Located in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, in the Ostróda administration region, in the Morąg commune, it lies within the Iława Lake District, within the Narieński Protected Landscape Area, at an altitude of 104.6 m above sea level.
Narie is a glacial lake, the depth in several places reaches over 40 m. The bottom of the lake is varied, with deep channels and numerous hills. The shores are sandy and silty. Rush vegetation dominates the shores in shallower places. The shores of the lake are high, steep and partly forested in places. The 50 km long coastline is varied with many bays and peninsulas. The average depth is about 10 m, while the water transparency reaches 5 m.
The area of the lake is approximately 1240 ha, and its picturesque beauty is emphasized by numerous islands.
Islands on Lake Narie
There are several islands scattered on the lake, including:
Wyspa Brzozowa Kępa
Goła Kępa lub „Baba Jaga”
Gierszak – wysepka położona w cieśninie jeziora Narie, przy Ponarskim Kącie.
Mały Ostrów
Mały Trzciniak
Trzciniak Wielki
Olszowy Ostrów
Ponarska Kępa wysepka na zatoce Ponary, w odnodze jeziora Narie
Wyspa Ptasia Kępa Mała
Wyspa Ptasia Kępa Duża
Wielki Ostrów
Zielony Ostrów

On one of the islands, according to legend, there is a treasure hidden.

Northern part of the lake
The lake from its northern part is drained by the Narienka river flowing into Lake Mildzie. Narie Lake is also connected with several small lakes: in the north-east with Ponapry and Ponapry Małe near the village of Janowo. In the central-eastern part by Lake Ponary with Czarny and Trędla. At the exit from Ponary, there are the islands of Trzciniak Wielki and Trzciniak Mały, and Olszowy Ostrów. The Długi Ostrów Peninsula runs south. At its end there is the island of Zielony Ostrów and three islands called Łabuny. The southern part of the lake is divided into two bays by the Cretan peninsula, where we can find the islands of Wielki and Mały Ostrów, Brzozowa Kępa and Goła Kępa.
In the vicinity of Narie Lake you can observe the following birds: eagles, grebes, buzzards, swans and cormorants. It is on Lake Narie that one of the largest cormorants is located. A species that is under protection. It nests in tree colonies occupying entire islands. The nesting place of the cormorant is easy to recognize because it is white and dry everywhere – its droppings destroy all vegetation.
Fish in Lake Narie
The fish stock of Lake Narie is quite rich. The dominant species of fish are: roach, bream, pike, perch, tench, rudd, eel and whitefish, but you can also meet zander, burbot and catfish.
A sign of the cleanliness of Narie Lake is the fact that you can find crayfish here.
There is a silence zone around and around Lake Narie, which means that you cannot swim there using internal combustion engines. This increases the attractiveness of the lake in the eyes of fishermen and divers. The host of the lake is the fishing plant in Bogaczewo – here you can buy fishing permits.
The nearest larger village to which the train goes is Żabi Róg and the town is Morąg.
The following villages are situated on the lake: Kretowiny, Bogaczewo, Gulbity, Boguchwała, Pojezierce and Wilnowo