Mazury z psem

wakacje z psem

If you would like to go on your holiday with your dog, please choose Masuria.
Wooded areas, away from the city, are perfect for long hikes and offer plenty of places to spend your time together. First of all, we kindly invite you to our Haven Narie – in our resort, dogs are welcome guests 🙂
Traveling with a dog is great, but it’s necessary to prepare for it.
What do you need to remember before going to Masuria?
Let’s start with the vet and check the health of your pet, supplement vaccinations against rabies and protection against ticks. Remember to do it early, because after vaccination against rabies, you should limit your pet’s contact with other animals for several days.
What to take on vacation with your dog?
First of all, a tag attached to a leash with the dog’s name and the contact of the owner. In addition, a long leash, collar, muzzle and bags for excrement. Let’s not forget about the dog’s first aid kit, i.e. the disinfectant, gauze swabs and bandages, medications and supplements currently being taken, a thermometer, a tool for extracting ticks and, in an emergency, a sedative.
Accessories for grooming – a brush for combing the hair, shampoo and a towel.
A health record book in case of an unexpected visit to a veterinary clinic.
If during your stay you would have to visit a vet, you will find 3 animal clinics near our resort.
The nearest veterinary surgeries (in Morąg):
Veterinary Office “Pupil",Kujawska street 8/2, 14-300 Morąg phone: 692 532 294
Inwet s.c. Veterinary Clinic Wróblewskiego street 18, 14-300 Morąg
Tel .+89 757 44 21
Veterinary Office Belvet Dębowa street 9, 14-300 Morąg tel.: 885 887 44
A trip to Masuria – how to prepare a dog?
While driving, bowls for water and food that our pet likes are necessary. A convenient solution can be folded silicone bowls, which after folding take up little space and can be put into a bag. Remember to take with you both water, food for the time of your holiday and snacks. You cannot miss your pet’s favourite toy, blanket or lair.
It is recommended to stop every 2-3 hours so that your pet can stretch its paws and take care of its needs.
Also, remember that the dog must be transported in such a way that it is not thrown forward during sudden breaking. It is best if your pet rides in a special carrier, cage or harness fastened to the seat belts.
Never leave your dog in the car, not even for a short while. It is very dangerous, especially on hot and cold days.
And after the trip
When you safely reached Haven Narie, your pet will find enough space after a long journey to stretch their paws well and run freely. Your dog can also have a water bath in the lake, which after a few hours of boredom in the car may prove beneficial. At the end of this exhausting day, we kindly invite both you and the dog to our restaurant for a delicious meal.