1. The rules of the Haven Narie apply throughout the resort and apply to all persons staying in it.

2. The lessor is hereinafter referred to as the Haven Narie, and the tenant of the cottage is referred to as the “Guest".

3. The Guest’s attendant  is an employee of the Resort Reception.

4. These regulations define the rules for the provision of services, responsibility and stay in the Haven Narie and is an integral part of the agreement, the conclusion of which takes place by making a reservation, payment of a deposit or the entire payment for the stay or by signing a registration card. By carrying out the above-mentioned actions, the Guest confirms that they have read and fully accepts the terms of the regulations and commit to comply with them.

5. The regulations are available at the Reception of the Resort, in the information folder in each cottage and on



1. The living quarters in the Haven Narie, hereinafter referred to as “Cottages", are rented for days.

2. The hotel day starts at 4:00 pm and ends at 10:00 am.

3. The guest determines the duration of the stay by renting a cottage. During the holiday season, the rental period is defined mainly as a week from Sunday to Sunday – brick cottages and from Saturday to Saturday – wooden cottages.

4. A request to extend the stay beyond the period indicated shall be reported by the Guest at the Reception by 9:00 am on the day preceding the expiry of the rental period. The Haven Narie may not take into account the wish to extend the stay if all the accommodation places (cottages) have already been booked or if the Guest does not comply with the applicable regulations.

5. The Haven Narie reserves the right to refuse to extend the Guest’s stay in the cottage if the full payment for the stay has not already been made.

6. If the Guest failures to check out by 10.00 (on the day of departure), a fee shall be charged for the one-day extending of the stay.



1. Reservations can be made:

• by phone: (+48) 606 345 866 or (+48) 601 918 060

• by e-mail: or

• by the Booking Engine system:

2. The reservation is considered confirmed upon the receipt of the reservation fee (no later than 3 days from the telephone / e-mail / system reservation), in an amount of min. 30% of the stay value,

3. Payments shall be made to the account of EKONARIE Sp. z o.o. Pulawska street 111A / 119, 02-707 Warsaw,

VAT: 521-38-18-448, the account for payments in PLN:

mBank S.A. 31 1140 2062 0000 4826 2800 1001

4. The title of the transfer shall include: the name and surname, cottage number and the period of stay.

5. The lack of the booking fee is tantamount to cancellation of the booking.

6. The remaining part of the payment for the stay is charged on the day of arrival. We prefer payments by card or bank transfer.

7. The conditions of the repayment of the booking fee in the case of resignation:

– more than 30 days before the date of arrival, we repay the booking fee reduced by operating costs in the amount of PLN 50,

– less than 30 days before the date of arrival, the booking fee is not repayable

8. The resort reserves the right to cancel the reservation for any reasons beyond its control (decision of state authorities, force majeure, etc.). The tenant has no right to claim any compensation because of such an incident

9. The Guest has to present to the Reception employee a valid ID, fill in and sign the registration card. In the case the Guest of refuses to present the document, the Receptionist may refuse to hand over the key to the cottage.

10. For one-day reservations, an additional fee for cleaning the cottage is charged in the amount of PLN 50.

11. Upon the check-in, a deposit of PLN 200 is collected for the cottage. The deposit is payable on the day of the guest’s check-out. The amount of the deposit to pay back will be reduced in the case of damage or destruction of the equipment in the cottage.

12. The Resort may refuse to accept a Guest who grossly violated the regulations during the previous stay, causing a damage to the property of the facility or other Guests, employees of the facility or other people staying in the facility, or who otherwise disturbed the peace in the facility. In addition, the Resort may refuse to continue providing its services to a person who violates the regulations. The Resort has the right to refuse its accommodation and services to people who are under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs and to people who behave aggressively.

13. The Haven Narie reserves the right to refuse to accept a Guest without giving a reason.

14. If the Guest leaves the Resort  earlier, the difference in the costs of the stay will not be repaid.

15. If the Guest does not arrive to the Haven within the booking period, the Resort shall not repay the amount paid in advance / booking fee.

16. Children up to 5 years of age stay in the Resort free of charge. For an additional person in the cottage, 50% of the rate per person is charged, depending on the cottage (adults and children aged from 6)

§ 4


1. If the Guest would like to receive a VAT invoice for the stay they need to provide the full details at the time of making the payment-in-advance and/or when checking in on the day of arrival.

2. From July 1, 2019, it is not possible to issue a VAT invoice if the VAT number has not been entered in the fiscal receipt (including the one documenting the payment-in-advance for the reservation).

§ 5


1. The Haven Narie provides its services of a standard consistent with its standard. In the case of any objection regarding the quality, please report it at the reception desk as soon as possible, which will enable the Resort’s staff to take appropriate actions.

2. At the Guest’s request, the Resort provides the following free-of-charge services:

– providing information related to the stay and travel,

– renting an iron and ironing board for use only in a designated place.

3. The Resort, in accordance with the price list, provides the following additional services:

– Rental of rowing boats, kayaks, knots, pedal boats,

– Rental of MTB bikes 

– Rental of beach loungers,

– Renting of beach volleyball, football and other balls.

The current price list is available on the website

§ 6


1. The resort is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by reasons beyond its control, such as power or water outages.

2. The Resort is not responsible for any damage to any people and property caused by non-compliance with the provisions of these regulations by the Guests.

3. The Resort is not responsible for the theft of money and things left unattended by guests.

4. The Resort is not responsible for any damage and loss of a vehicle belonging to the Guest.

5. The Resort is not responsible for any items left in a vehicle and live animals, regardless of whether the vehicle has been parked inside the Haven Narie’s car park or outside the Resort.

6. In the case the provisions of these regulations are violated, the Resort may refuse to continue providing its services to the person who violates them. Such a person is obliged to comply with the demands of the Resort’s staff, to settle the amount due for the services already provided ,to pay for any damage and destruction caused, and to move out. 

§ 7


1. During the entire stay in the Resort, the underage shall be under the permanent care and supervision of the adults. The legal guardians are responsible for the behaviour of the children, including the damages caused by them.

2. The resort’s guests take full financial and legal responsibility for any damage or destruction of the equipment and technical devices of the Resort, caused by them or the people visiting them.

3. The resort reserves the right to charge the Guest’s credit/debit card for any damage found after their departure, and in the lack of card details, the Resort has the right to demand from the Guest a financial compensation.

4. Upon the occurrence of any faults or damage in the room, the Guest is obliged to inform the Receptionist about it immediately.

5. For safety reasons, the Guest leaving the cottage is obliged to close the windows and make sure that the door is locked.

6. The resort’s guest may not transfer the room to any third parties, even if the period of the stay that has been paid off has not expired yet. 

7. People who are not checked in may stay in the cottage as guests from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm with the consent of the tenant.

8. The presence of the people who are not checked-in at the Guest’s cottage after 22.00 is tantamount to the consent of the lessor to charge them for the accommodation costs. The guest of the facility who has rented a cottage and have any visitors is obliged to check them in in. Check-in of each person will take place according to the current price of an additional bed for an adult. The price list is available at the reception desk of the Resort.

§ 8


1. Personal belongings left in the room inadvertently by the departing Guest will be sent back at the guest’s expense to the address indicated.

2. If the Guest does not provide instructions regarding the return of the items left, the Haven Narie will store these items for a period of three months, and then donate them to a charity or pro-publico-bono organisation, which the Guest fully accepts and agrees on.

§ 9


1. In the Haven Narie there is a curfew from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., except for the Haven Narie Restaurant.

2. During the quiet hours, the behaviour of guests and people using the services of the Resort must not disturb the peaceful stay of the other Guests. The Haven Narie may refuse to continue providing services to any person who violates this principle.

§ 10


1. Due to safety reasons, any using of open fire in the room, e.g. candles, irons, or other electric devices that are not part of the room equipment is prohibited. The above does not apply to chargers and power supplies for RTV and computer devices.

2. The resort is pet-friendly. The owners are obliged to inform the employee of the Resort about their arrival together with their animals, to have a current vaccination booklet, to clean the litter and to walk the animals around the resort only on a leash. Pet owners are fully responsible for them. There is a fee for pets staying in the cottage according to the price list. Failure to report the animal’s stay does not exempt from paying the fee.

3. In the Resort there is a possibility to use the playground for children, fields for football , volleyball and beach tennis.

4. Smoking tobacco products, taking drugs or other substances that act in a similar way in the cottage is prohibited. Breaking this prohibition is tantamount to the consent of the tenant to cover the cost of de-aromatization of the room in the amount of PLN 1,000.

5. Keeping any dangerous items in the houses, i.e. weapons, ammunition, flammable materials, illuminating materials, etc. is prohibited

6. There is a designated place for a bonfire.

7. A barbecue is allowed in an open space, away from wooden elements, in compliance with the fire regulations.

8. Waste segregation is obligatory in the whole area of  the Resort, and in the cottages. Sorted waste from the cottages shall be placed only in appropriate containers located in the garbage can building.

9. Parking of cars and motorbikes belonging to the Haven’s guests takes place only in designated parking spaces or in places indicated by employees of the Resort, and is not subject to a fee. Other means of transport and cars of guests not registered in the Resort are subject to a fee according to the price list.

10. For any damage to the plants, including flower beds and trees, a fee will be charged in accordance with the value of the damage caused. The valuation is made by the management of the Haven Narie based on the applicable prices.

11. The evacuation assembly point has been designated and marked at the premises of the Resort, which is located at the common room. There are two marked roads leading to the point, one from the lake side and the other from the reception desk.

12. Any kind of acquisition and door-to-door sales in the Resort is prohibited.

13. Guests must not make any changes to the cottages and their equipment.

14. The current price list of the services and fees is available at the Haven Reception Desk and on the website

15. The regulations of the playgrounds, places for bathing, sports and water equipment rental, and the use of playgrounds are available in each of the cottages and at the Resort’s Reception.

16. All the  Guests’ personal data are processed for the purpose of providing the hotel services.       The administrator of the personal data is EKONARIE Sp. z o.o., with its headquarter Puławska street 111A / 119, 02-707, which is the owner of the Haven Narie Resort in Kretowiny 27A, 14-300 Morąg.

§ 11


1. Complaints regarding the stay may be sent to the following e-mail address: or or in writing to the address of the Haven Narie.

2. Complaints should be submitted no later than 7 days from the day the reason of the complaint occurred.

3. A written complaint shall contain the name and surname of the Guest of the Resort, the exact address, telephone number, e-mail address as well as a legible signature of the person submitting the complaint, as well as the exact description and reason for the complaint, date and time of its occurrence. Incomplete complaints or submitted after the above-mentioned period shall not be considered.

4. The Haven Narie will make every effort to ensure that complaints are considered within 30 days from the date of their receipt at the address of the Resort. The Guest will be immediately informed about the result of the considered complaint via e-mail to the address provided.

5. The court competent to settle possible disputes between the Guest and the Haven is the court competent for the seat of EKONARIE SP. Z O.O. which is the owner of the Haven Narie Resort.

 We wish you a pleasant and safe stay in our resort

The Haven Narie