Tourist attractions

For holidays to be successful, you need to break away from the routine and do something that you normally have no time for! We do our best for you to have a full selection of attractions in order you can spend your time with us exactly as you want. For those who like to tire their muscles a bit, we have a suitable offer of sports equipment.


Krasin city

The distance from Kretowiny – 45 km.Snail farming is one of the 20 inspiring places in Poland, and the place itself is one of the major tourist attractions of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship and is definitely one of the most important points on the map for lovers of culinary and cosmetic innovations.What is worth seeing? Snail farming just to visit the Bistro and eat something extraordinary for dinner

Ostróda city

The distance from Kretowiny – 25 km.What is worth visiting?Teutonic castle more Ostróda-Elbląg shipping – a trip on a ship that glides across the ground – we warmly recommend!

Gietrzwałd Commune

The distance from Kretowiny – 27 km.What is worth seeing?Marian Sanctuary in Gietrzwałd – 29 km.The botanical garden in Kudypy – 40 km.Horse farm in the village of Wrzesina – 27 km.A beaver sanctuary on the Pasłęka RiverThe golf field in Naterki – 43 km.

Olsztynek city

The distance from Kretowiny – 45 km.What is worth seeing?The open-air museum – one of the most beautiful collections of wooden constructions in Poland, perfectly maintained and interestingly displayed. Its origin dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. One can see there, among others residential houses, livestock and farm buildings, religious and “industrial” facilities, for example a water mill, 4 windmills, an oil mill, a forge, a smokehouse and a pottery shop.

Grunwald city

The distance from Kretowiny – 50 kmWhat is worth seeing?The Battlefield of Grunwald is an icon of tourist attractions in Warmia and Masuria. In addition to the site of the battle itself, it is worth visiting the Museum of the Battle of Grunwald with flags, models and excavations.

Malbork city

The distance from Kretowiny – 85 km

The castle in Malbork is the most powerful fortress of medieval Europe. This complex of three castles, picturesquely situated on the Nogat River, was the capital of the Teutonic Order for 150 years. We kindly recommend visiting the castle and museum with a guide. The time you need to reserve for this pleasure is about 3.5 hours.

Frombork city

The distance from Kretowiny – 70 km.What is worth seeing?Copernicus Museum and Planetarium of Copernicus’sCathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Andrew the Apostle

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